Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sorry Morrissey.


Now, those of you who know me, know that I am a devout carnivore. I am. I cant help it. I truly believe its inherant. You will never see write ups on this blog about the latest soy and tofu hang out because it just isnt me. I do have a boyfriend who doesnt share this love, so you will get to see other culinary options from the places I visit too from time to time. I dont want to alienate or offend anyone, I try to be as honest as I can whilst I write, otherwise whats the point eh?
Ok, down to business. Now, when I hear the words 'pop-up restaurant' I generally get excited. What cuisine will they serve, what is the concept, the location, how long will it be available, its an almost thrilling experience before such places have even opened their doors.
BUT. When I hear the words, 'Flat Iron STEAK AND COCKTAIL pop-up restaurant' well, I'm positively giddy.
As hard as it is to believe, this isnt an 'Ode to Meat' this is a review of sorts of Flat Iron Steak at The Owl and Pussycat, Shoreditch. Always ahead of the curve in one way or another, be it with their 'tarted up boozers' or hugely successful festivals (Field Day, The Apple Cart, Beacons anyone?!) 580 Ltd have re-invigorated the restaurant above The Owl and brought a stunning culinary experience to Shoreditch....and I, am about to try it.

The Owl and Pussycat restaurant has been literally stripped back to bare brick for Flat Iron. Bare bulbs and candles in jam jars litter the walls and the tables are simply set with cutlery, menus and candle light. The simplicity of the setting reflects the simplicity of the menu. 

Firstly, as gimmicky as it may be, they have replaced all knives in this place with mini meat cleavers. Mini meat cleavers for cryin out loud! So you are the butcher. The power lies with you. Sort of. After a brief look at the menu, and a munch on the enamel cups full of salted popcorn, I go for the Flat Iron (medium rare, as recommended by the chef) with triple cooked dripping chips, bearnaise sauce, a house leaf salad and fresh horseradish cream. The latter of which is made by hand at a butchers block by our table. These small but effective details really make the difference. The veggie option is a roast aubergine with tomato, basil and parmesan which comes as a side dish or main course.

It arrives. A slab of meat spilling across a wooden block, thinly sliced to perfection. The chips in a small enamel dish and a vision of lovely green leaves form the salad. The steak is simply delicious. So soft and tender, it literally melts in the mouth. Slathered with the smooth and creamy bearnaise for one bite, the fiery kick of the horseradish in the next, each mouthful is wonderful. The chips too are crunchy and enriched by the fact they're cooked in beef dripping.....3 times!

This was accompanied by a Smoked Thyme Bramble, fruity and infused with thyme without being too 'herby.' They have a selection of cocktails, created by Nate Sorby of The London Cocktail Club, and all designed to enhance the flavours of what you're eating. If cocktails aren't your thing, there are plenty of other options such as Flat Iron Stout, Meantime London Lager and a selection of wine served by the glass or carafe.

And if that wasn't enough then came a small glass dessert of a caramel mousse topped with salt. Without the salt, its Angel Delight (I love Angel Delight) but add a pinch of rock salt at our waitresses recommendation and it takes on a completely different taste. Its lovely and a perfect amount to end the experience.

Flat Iron is brilliant. I loved every aspect of it and the attention to detail is not missed out on any aspect of it, and it really shows. Already planning my next visit.


  1. So... how much was it? They've been saying their aim was to make steak affordable - I've been dying to find out what that actually means!

  2. The steak comes with the salad for £10, and the sides are around £2-3 aswell! very reasonable!

  3. That is crazy good! Cheers!

  4. A nice diner out for a cheap steak...but deffo not the "remarkable steak" promised! £10 for a Butler's steak - not as good as any Sirloin IMHO. Up-sale to American steak for £4 is not worth it either. Sides are ok, small and chips ever so disappointed (they don t say it s been cooked 3times anymore)... £1 for sauce is bit too much.
    Nice cocktails at good price... Nice trendy meal for hipsters and that does not cost hundreds but a bit let down due to all the buzz about fantastic meat being served!

  5. I think thats the whole point though? The 'remarkable' aspect of it is that its a cut of meat usually ground down and used in burgers? Its a difficult piece of meat to cut also. Saying it isnt as gd as a sirloin is like saying a chicken leg is better than chicken breast? Its hard to compare because its a different cut?
    And I think the reason the sauces are £1 are so you can get a taste of different ones. We got a selection on purpose because of the £1 price tag. Had they been £4-5 I might not have.
    If you go into Flat Iron expecting meat as mind blowing as a great sirloin with a £10 price tag, there is no doubt about it, you're going to be disappointed. But as a piece of meat resurrected from its doom of being used in a burger, its great.

    But I am sure Flat Iron appreciate the comments from both of us, good or not so good.

    Me x