Friday, 26 October 2012


Hello everyone.

Just wanted to assure you that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, food wise.

I started this blog and really started to enjoy it, but then disaster struck. I could't afford to go out and eat. WHAT KIND OF BLOGGER AM I?! I have quickly realised that the blog I should have started was the one where I sit in every night watching eating various Heinz soups and watch several US TV shows back to back. My top tips there? The lentil soup is yummy and The US Office rules supreme.....I digress. 

What I do want say is that in the next few weeks I will be back in action and reviewing some new openings including John Salt, the new venture from 580 with 'man of the hour' Ben Spalding heading up the kitchen, the newly refurbed and reborn The Grafton in Kentish Town, the new Patty and Bun site in Soho, Disco Bistro EC4, from the guys that gave us that summer smash God Save the Clam, the new Flat Iron permanent home in Soho (I reviewed it already but I reckon there will be some additions to the menu) and I will also finally get down to Lucky Chips Slider Bar. An oldie in terms of getting on the blogger bandwagon but who cares, its burgers for crying out loud! 

Thats a lot of food.

Cant wait.

Ash x

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