Tuesday, 20 November 2012

You Dirty Mother Flipper...


Mother Flipper have been around for a wee while now. And as well as tearing up many of London's street food markets in recent months, they have also taken up residency in Camden's NYC dive bar-esque The Black Heart. So obviously, I had to have them. Well, I tell a lie. I've had them before, but I wanted to try them in a semi permanent home. Would their street food ethos transfer indoors? 

The Black Heart is a great blink and you'll miss it bar tucked away just behind Camden High Street, serving up a great selection of craft beers, seemingly not suffering at the hands of Brewdog opening right around the corner recently. Also a selection of hand pump ales, rawk n roll aplenty and, until recently, some great tasting pizzas. But I don't do bar reviews. If I did they would adopt a certain blurriness after 10pm. I'm here for the meat. Literally.

We perused the menu and decisions were made at an alarming rate. We headed to the cash-only hatch and ordered. One Bacon Swiss Flipper, One Double Candied Bacon Flipper, onion rings, fries and a whole host of dips. This may come as no surprise but in my opinion, this is the best burger in Camden right now. And if you wanna be pedantic, Dirty Burger is in Kentish Town. And my favourite thing about it is they're not the most appetising when they arrive, especially when the waiter has his thumb dug into the top of the delightful brioche bun. Dinner etiquette is tossed out of the window as there is no other way to eat other than to just get stuck in. The patties are thin but not lacking substance and are beautifully pink in the middle. The best thing about these burgers is that they're meaty but they don't sit in your stomach like a lead balloon afterwards. The bun is light and holds well under torture from meat juice, crunchy pickles, the radioactive yellow of the american cheese (which I LOVE) and our hands which attempt, in vain, to keep it all under control. It all works in harmony to pull off a great tasting burger. I cant mention these burgers without mentioning the candied bacon. Little strips of artery-busting goodness. Strips of bacon fried in Maple Syrup. I mean. I didn't know whether to lick it or chew it. 

I did both.

I have to mention the sides too. The onion rings. Red onion fried in a heavily seasoned, slightly mustard batter are just lovely. However, team this with the extremely strong garlic mayonnaise one hour before you're off to the cinema? Wow. Heavy stuff. The chips were also yummy too but were just slightly on the soggy side for me. My boyfriend devoured them and completely disagreed with me.

For the beer lovers among you, there was a great Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale recommended by the lovely staff as a great partner for the burger. I agree completely as without the food the bear was oakey as hell and quite difficult to drink. But thats my view. If you like it oakey then its right up your street. 

All in all The Black Heart have done well to secure such a great street food staple here. And its a real coup for Camden. We left with full belly's, smelling like garlic and Arrogant Bastard to stink out the local Odeon.


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