Thursday, 21 June 2012

One of life’s great moral dilemmas……..Burger……or Lobster?


I was faced with this very dilemma when I visited the aptly titled, well, Burger and Lobster. Now I have been to a few places that serve similar food, The Big Easy on the Kings Road being the standout, so if I am honest I was expecting checked table cloths, barnacles on the walls and other such ‘crab shack’ paraphernalia. So imagine my surprise, (and perhaps slight dismay) when we arrived at a very unassuming, almost wine bar-esque, restaurant in Mayfair. And while I can’t be certain, I think this might just be the secret weapon in their arsenal.

We were greeted by a waiter in a ‘Burger and Lobster’ apron who escorted us to our table and gave us a drinks menu. I loved the fact they had a list of ‘B’ Cocktails (to accompany the burger) and ‘L’ Cocktails (to accompany the lobster) along with American craft beers on draft such as Sierra Nevada.

What might just be my favourite thing about this place is that there are 3 options. Not 33. Simply 3 dishes to choose from. The burger, the lobster or lobster (brioche) roll. And they’re all the same price. 20 English Pounds. I, of course, had the lobster.

It arrived very quickly on a silver platter covered in greaseproof paper. A very large, full and beautifully cooked lobster, served with French fries, salad and garlic butter in a wee metal gravy boat sat before me. This place is such good value. I cannot think of many places (especially in Mayfair) where you could get a lobster served with sides for £20, and for as good quality as this one. The meat was juicy and chewy but not undercooked, and slightly charred on top as recommended by the waitress. The French fries were delicious as was the salad, and the portions sizes weren’t over bearing, its very clear the ‘boss’ of the plate is the lobster, the chips and salad are just along for the ride.

I do feel kinda bad for the burger in this place. For all I am sure it tastes delicious, coming out on a platter and placing its next to the lobster, I would feel kind of cheated. Especially as it comes with the same price tag as the lobster and the lobster roll. However, I would highly recommend this place, the service is very good and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about everything on the menu.

Advice; GO EARLY. We got there at around 5pm and within the hour the place was full and there was a queue along the street. And this was a Wednesday afternoon.


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