Sunday, 17 June 2012


After being ousted from its spot in a car park in East London, the outdoor food market/experience Street Feast has taken up temporary residence at the virtually hidden gem, Camden Town Brewery. So, after eating a light lunch, we made our way down to try as much of what was available as we could....all in the name of research of course!

Arriving at Camden Town Brewery at about 5pm I quite surprised as to how family friendly it was. For the first 2-3 hours there were a lot of families with their children, all meandering through the stalls, in the sunshine of all things! It really gave it almost a festival-type feel. But we weren't there to meander. We were there to sample a whole lotta street food!

First up was Yum Bun. Juicy belly pork, hoi sin sauce, spring onions, cucumber and Shiracha hot sauce, served in a lighter than air steamed, and slightly sweet bun. These are delicious. I could have eaten 10. The pork is so juicy and not too fatty. Teamed with the freshness and crunch of the onion and cucumber then the tangy sweetness of the sauce, all of the elements really work perfectly with one another. And at £3 each or two for £5 they are really reasonable too.

Mama's Jerk Station was next on the menu (a mere ten minutes later I hasten to add!) and I went for a classic Mama's Jerk Chicken Wrap. The 24hr marinated chicken was tender and beautifully marinaded, and having been finished off on the grill it was charred to perfection. The jerk marinade itself was FIERY, perhaps slightly too fiery for me (this is not a criticism, just a personal preference) however, it was softened slightly by the additional peas, sweetcorn, grated carrot, salad and finished off with tropical mayo that was then expertly stuffed onto a tortilla wrap! The veggie option was a sweet potato bake made with black eyed beans, kidney beans, coconut, plantain and Mama's Jerk Marinade. This was also served in a tortilla with same additions as the chicken wrap. These wraps are £5 each, very good value for money!

By this point I am fast approaching a mini food coma but with steely reserve I am determined to go on! Oh, hello Big Apple Hot Dogs. This was the most unassuming of all the stalls here at Street Feast however it was definitely my favourite of all the food I tasted here SO FAR. We went for the The Big Frank, which was 100% pork sausage but also available were The Frank Jr., The Pimp Steak and The Big Dog (a blend of both pork and beef). The hot dogs are almost cartoon-like in presentation, with a banana type bend, but they are completely delicious. The skin actually pops in your mouth as you bite into it and the meat is so juicy and yummy. And again at £4 each, if you're greedy like me, gives you the opportunity to sample more than one stall without breaking the bank.

The Street Feast organisers have also introduced a dining experience for those not completely ready to embrace 'guerilla dining'. They now offer a dining services win which you order from waiters and they queue for you. Some believe this takes away the camaraderie of queueing and exchanging in conversation with both the traders and other punters, but I like it. It opens up the possibility for people who want to embrace the idea of street food but are still slightly nervous to take the plunge. Unlike me, I went in head first and loved it. I cant wait to go back and try everything else!!home/mainPage!/streetfeastldn


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